Avoid These Essay Writing Grammar Mistakes

Writing an essay is a challenging assignment, but one that you’ll be expected to complete often as a college student. Although you can always turn to the experts at professional paper writing companies like www.assignmentholic.co.uk, it is still a good idea that you learn grammar and the proper rules of using it correctly. So many common grammar mistakes affect your essay paper and the grade that you earn, but other ways in life, too. Read below to learn some of the common essay writing grammar mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Fewer or Less?

If you are discussing an object, use the word fewer. If you are discussing intangible objects or concepts, less is the proper word form. Many people have trouble deciding when to use each of these words, so don’t feel alone if you have the same struggle.

It’s or Its?

When an apostrophe is used in it’s, the word shows possession. For example, “It’s his ball” requires an apostrophe because ‘it is his ball.” However, the apostrophe is omitted if you are showing possession. For example, “The dog barks at its tail.” The tail is the dog’s, so it shows possession, thus no apostrophe needed.


What’s a Dangling Modifier?

A dangling modifier is an adjective clause that is placed at the beginning or at the end of a sentence. The words are placed incorrectly in the sentence, thus the structure is wrong. For example, “Dying in the vase, mom still didn’t remove the flowers.” This sentence structure implies that mom is dying in the vase, rather than the flowers. Hopefully, mom isn’t dying in the vase, so avoid dangling modifiers and incorrect sentence structure. The correct structure of this sentence would read “Mom didn’t remove the flowers dying in the vase.”

Me, Myself, and I

Me always serves as an object in a sentence, as does I. So, it can be confusing to decide when to use them correctly. The best way to decide which form to use is to read the sentence out loud. If it sounds unusual, then it probably isn’t correct. Myself is used in a sentence only if you’ve made reference to yourself earlier in the writing.

Get Grammar Help

These are only a handful of many lessons in grammar to remember when writing a paper. It’s a good idea to brush up your skills when you have the time so that future issues with writing are eliminated. There are many ways to learn more about grammar and the rules that it follows, so use them all to your advantage. Your professor is a good source of help, but the internet is also there to guide you through all your toughest assignments.