Tips on Making Your Home Safer

With crime rates climbing, there are some tips you should follow when trying to keep your family safe. The first thing you should do is consider having all of the locks on your doors changed. This is of particular importance if you purchased the home and the locks were not changed, there could be individuals who have an extra set of keys to your place. What you will need to do is identify the best locksmiths company that is available in your area.

Installing High Quality Door Hinges

After you have hired the best locksmith to change the locks on your doors, you should make sure that the doors you currently have in place are sturdy, if they are not then you may consider installing stronger hinges to hold the door in place. The last thing you want is to have criminals easily kickdown your door and gain access to your family. By having these high quality door hinges in place, you stand a far better chance of coming out on top.

Not Leaving a Spare Key Outside

Something that most people do is leave a spare key outside in case they forget to bring their key with them. The thought process is that they are going to save money on hiring a locksmith but those individuals could be penny smart and pound foolish. The spare key could be found by criminals who would be able to gain access to your home at any time, whether you are home or not. For that very reason it would be smart to ditch the spare key outside approach no matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, otherwise you could end up regretting it.

Do Not Keep Valuables Inside Your Home

Thieves are constantly looking for homes that have a large amount of valuables they can steal and sell for a profit. If you have a large quantity of precious items, it would be wise to keep them at a bank inside a safe deposit box. The bank will have proper security protocols in place, also you will be able to get those items insured in the unlikely event they are stolen.

Avoid Hiring Outsiders

One common mistake that people do is hiring freelancing contractors/maids and other service providers into their home without properly screening them. If you do not properly screen these individuals, they could provide service but at the same time take a mental inventory of everything you own! Insist on only dealing with licensed and properly vetted service providers and only when you actually need them. This measure can really do wonders when trying to keep your family safe.

Don’t Display Your Wealth

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A common mistake that people make is displaying their wealth. Whenever you purchase something new, be sure to dispose of the box in an appropriate way. What some people do after buying a large television is put the box outside next to the curb for all to see. A thief will notice it and it will make them want to break into your home so they can steal it!

By taking some simple measures you will be able to keep your family safe from criminals, the onus is on you to take action.